On his way to the shop to buy groceries for his dad, Peter saw a young lady being robbed. He got to her just as the robbers made away with all her money. Having compassion for her, he gave her some of his money to help her get home. His dad, puzzled, at his half bag of groceries on his return, asked him what happened. “Dad, I used some of the money to help a lady who was robbed. I knew it’s something you would have done if you were there”. His dad smiled, pleased at his son’s likeness to him.

Peter was in tune with his father’s generous heart. God the Father is exceptionally generous. He gave to Adam and Eve, at the beginning, a beautiful garden home and His daily presence in the cool of the day. He gave to Israel His powerful deliverance from slavery and oppression despite their rebellious hearts. God gives to all who would accept His gift of salvation from the penalty and power of sin. He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, who came as a humble baby to later die a painful death on the cross, taking on Himself, the penalty of sin for all.

God is pleased when His children give as generously as He does. Giving is at the core of God’s heart and both pleases and glorifies Him. This Christmas season, when gifts are shared freely, remember that the true source of all giving is God.


  • God gives all people an open invitation to come to Him; He offers salvation that gives freedom from sin which destroys, corrupts and leads to eternal punishment. Would you accept His gift by believing in Christ’s sacrifice for you?
  • Where could you be resisting God’s call to give? Would you trustfully yield to Him, trusting Him to abundantly supply your needs as you give?


O, Generous Father, help me to see Your kindness more clearly and to give wholeheartedly, just as You do.