We have received God’s favour despite the difficult year we have had, Pastor Dan reminded us. We have our lives, health, protection and provision, and a lot more. Sometimes it seems that others are more favoured. We must not question God; He chooses who to bless and when. “He rewards according to His measure and His wishes”.

God’s favour is indeed unstoppable and sometimes it is experienced in the most unexpected ways! Baby Tasha was born healthy against all odds three years ago. Her mother, then 24 years old, was as lost as she is today. She was and is addicted to prostitution, alcohol, and drugs despite many attempts to have her rehabilitated. She has no place to call home and has often slept on the streets of Nairobi. More often than not, she does not know where her next meal, will come from nor the alcohol or drugs. Needless to say, she went through her pregnancy without any form of prenatal care. God favoured Tasha from the minute she was conceived. She is now a happy, bright, and intelligent girl. Thanks be to God.

You can also experience God’s favour just as ordinary as you are and wherever you are, like Tasha and Mary, the mother of Jesus, did. The secret is to tap into God’s favour. How? By developing: a deep connection with God every day; open communication with God – seek Him without ceasing; a true love relationship with God (Mark 12:29 – 30). Purpose to remain focused on God and obey Him. Let’s learn from Mary; she ‘blindly’ obeyed God. Deuteronomy 28:1-14 tells us the many blessings of obedience.


  1. Be content with what God has blessed you with (1 Timothy 6:6). Count your blessings one by one.
  2. Love and obey God; seek Him every day in prayer and in His word


Dear God, I now understand that Your favour cannot be stopped and You will bless me when my time comes. Mine is to remain focused on You. Amen