Gen 3: 7-9

Senior Pastor Wanje preached on God’s marvelous grace. God searched for Adam and Eve who were in hiding after eating the forbidden fruit. He called out to them, “Where are you? “(Gen 3:9).  Adam didn’t own up to his disobedience; he blamed Eve and she blamed the serpent.  Though Adam had fallen, in His compassion and grace, God attended to their immediate need – clothing. Because of this fall, God gave mankind the gift of His Son Jesus, as an atonement for sins.


Arising from the effects of COVID, Jenny closed her air travel business. She was fearful of the accumulating bills. When churches re-opened, she started attending church regularly. She answered the question ‘Where are You?’  by committing her life to God. Towards the end of the year, her landlord, who had refused her access to her office due to unpaid rent, not only allowed her to sell the furniture but extended a 15% discount on the outstanding rent. This was God’s grace.  In her earlier days, Jenny would have said “I negotiated hard and made a good deal”. God’s grace had changed her. God’s grace is greater than our fears and finds us where we are. He lifts us with His righteous hand (Isaiah 41:10) and makes a way where there seems to be none. The compassionate God (Isaiah 30:18) pursues us and asks “where are you?”


  1. How often do you consider God’s marvelous grace towards you as your achievement? Acknowledge His grace and make this a habit
  2. Respond to His question Where are you? Do not hide from your shame and failure. God is concerned about your soul; “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36 KJV). Anchor your hope in Him.


Gracious Father, I surrender all to You. Heal my brokenness and make a way where there seems to be no way. You are the anchor of my soul and I am fully yielded to You. Here am I Lord. Amen.