Natasha Wanjiku from Sunday school preached concisely about the power of God. Our God heals the sick, raises the dead, and creates things out of nothing. Above all, He offers us the gift of salvation that we can never achieve on our own.

Charles H. Spurgeon said, “There are two great certainties about the future: 1. God knows. 2. We do not know.” Having lived through COVID-19 and its impact for a couple of years, we know about uncertainty all too well.

The Israelites faced many seasons of uncertainty as God redeemed them from their bondage in Egypt. As they journeyed through the desert, they came up to the Red Sea and could not figure out how they would cross over. As if that were not an obstacle enough, when they looked back, they could see the clouds of dust that Pharaoh’s chariots raised as they advanced towards them at high speed. I can only imagine how desperate they must have felt trapped with no way of escape. God spoke to the children of Israel through Moses, “God will fight the battle for you. Just stay calm.” Exodus 14:14 (NLT). Supernaturally, God came through for the Israelites, parted the Red Sea, and they walked across dry land. Something that even the best of the Egyptians could not do.


We who believe in God through His son Jesus Christ are not exempt from the uncertainty that this fallen world metes on all of us. The world tells us to take whatever it throws at us and make something of it. However, in the economy of God, we are called to surrender everything to Him and connect to a higher power that is greater than us. It all begins with giving up control over our lives by believing in the saving grace of His son Jesus Christ.


Loving God, I lay everything at your feet because you are my tower of refuge, save me. Amen.