The message, “May the Lord of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, ..…”. Roman 15:13 gives us the answer to the quest for the secret of joyful living.  Dr. Chao talked about what this secret is, to whom it is revealed, and why and how it is revealed. Paul addressed these words to the nascent church in Rome, made up of Jews and gentiles. Today, this life of joy and peace is bestowed to those who trust in the Lord Jesus; He is trustworthy. We get to know Him day by day when we have an intimate relationship with Him. Those who trust in Jesus today belong to the universal church of Christ, in fulfilment of the prophesy –  “Praise the Lord all you nations, extol the Lord all you people…”(Psalm 117:1-2);  “…for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”(Isaiah 11:10). This message to the church in Rome, speaks to us today.

Do you have a 5- point manual on the secret to joyful living? Is it in doing exercise, seeking perfection, working hard to build your business empire, etc? While these things are important, they are not the secret of living joyfully found ” as you trust in Him- Jesus“.  This truth is revealed to us so that we may turn our eyes to the Maker of heaven and earth, the giver of life – our Saviour, our Provider, our Healer, and our ALL in ALL.


Most people unsuccessfully look for someone they can trust to get them that job or obtain that business deal, etc. I know the one you can trust; He is Jesus. He will fill you with joy and peace. He welcomes you today. Call upon Him. Trust in Him. He is trustworthy.


Lord Jesus, help me know You more as You reveal Yourself to me. Give me peace and joy and help me trust You more, and overflow with hope for a better tomorrow with You, I pray.

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