Read Daniel 3:19-30

Rev Majid Ochieng gave a rousing message about the glory of God and the benefits we have as His children: we have perseverance, His protection, and He allows us to progress.

Even when we are so corroded by life’s events, God desires to restore us. Rather than saw us off and discard us, God wants to oil and anoint us afresh. What better place to find refuge, solace and refreshing than under His wings.

When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar’s gods and idols, they were thrown into a blazing furnace. It was so hot that it consumed the soldiers who threw them in (v. 19-23). The king witnessed how God protected these three men and he called them out of the fire. They came out unscathed; not a single hair on their heads nor fiber of their clothing had been singed (v24-27). All this led to King Nebuchadnezzar believing in the one true God.

God will provide His protection. He will give you the grace to persevere in your current circumstance and inadvertently ensure that you progress towards experiencing His full glory.

Rev Majid gave a final rally call. Once we have seen God show up for us so mightily, we should go back and serve Him. Service is different for each of us. Find a way that you can plug in and allow others to also experience revival/ refreshing through what God has done in your life.


  • What are the ways that God has provided you with protection? Write them down and say a prayer of gratitude.
  • Make it a habit to give God gratitude for what He has done


Lord, may I always remember You are my refuge and strength. May I never forget that there is nothing too hard for you; I look to You only. Amen