Jethro, the father-in-law to Moses, was delighted on hearing how the Lord had rescued the Israelites from Egypt and helped them cross the Red Sea (Exodus 18). Jethro observed how Moses, single-handedly, judged all the cases the Israelites presented to him; a task too overwhelming to work alone. He advised Moses to, “select capable men from all the people- men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain“, as leaders over groups of people (Exodus 18:21). Senior Pastor, Elijah Wanje, pointed out that these four leadership qualities are required in the men and women Kenyans will vote into various positions. He also pointed out that there are dangers of confusion, conflict, and chaos in the voting and post-election processes.

Have you found yourself in a debate where the people discussing a subject are confused, and they leave the audience equally confused? Or have you been in a situation where church institutions, expected to speak from the voice of God, speak from different standpoints and yet claim to have heard from the same God? How can the Almighty God be divided or be a God of confusion? He is a God of peace and calls us all to live in peace and not to revenge (Rom 12:17-19). Kenyans have the duty and privilege to: vote wisely as they partner with God in the election process, pray during and after the elections, trust God in the outcomes, and not revenge in any way. God appoints people to positions for His purpose and He already knows the Kenyan leadership that will be elected.


  1. Are you confused and concerned about the election process and thereafter? Tell God your concerns and trust Him with the outcomes.
  2. Commit to praying, daily, for the new leadership throughout August


God of all creation, may peace reign in Kenya. May those elected be capable, trustworthy men and women who fear You. Our Hope is in You alone. All to the glory and honour of Your name. Amen.