Ridgeways Baptist Church is built on a solid foundation! Literally! It has more than 80 concrete pillars driven into the ground, all the way to the solid rock underneath that holds up the sanctuary. Its architects guarantee that it can stand up to the worst of storms. Jesus, in Luke 6:46-49, tells a story of two builders, one wise and the other foolish. The foolish one built his house on top of the sand, the wise one, like the builders of our church, dug deep into the ground and built his house on solid rock. Both houses were tested by the storms; the one on sand crashed and fell, while the one on the solid rock stood. We’ve become accustomed to the tragic tale of poorly built houses that make headlines after they collapse, so we understand the value of a well-built house. Solid rock foundations are critical. 

The Word of God is a reliable and dependable foundation. It speaks truth that will endure forever. When we put our hope in God’s Word, we find a true and stable basis for our faith. Those who listen and obey God’s Word become fruitful and prosperous in all they do. Slowing down to find delight in God’s Word and obeying it, is the key to anchoring your hope on a strong and reliable foundation. The difference, however, between the fool who deceived himself and the wise person, is in their action after hearing God’s Word.  


Slow down! Carve out fifteen minutes today and ask God to speak to you. Pick a book of the Bible, like John, and read a small portion. Don’t rush but linger for long, thinking through the implications of God’s Word for you. What does the passage say about God, you, or the world and the challenges you face? Write down your thoughts in a book or journal. Close in prayer and repeat daily.  


LORD, forgive me when I have taken Your Word lightly. Help me find hope in the solid anchor of Your Word for my life’s challenges.