Living in troubled times can make us experience a feeling of groping in the dark, looking for a black cat that isn’t there. Being hopeful can seem like a long shot. For the believers, our hope is in our Lord, Jesus Christ who gives us access to our Father in heaven. He is the eternal ruler of all kingdoms, all mighty Father of light and goodness. He gives us access to belong, to blessings and His power to serve others. We have authority over physical and spiritual realms.

Others might look at believers and fail to see the brightness of Christ’s light in them because they carry it in unadorned earthen vessels. Believers might not be much to look at from outward appearance because they are surrounded and battered by the troubles of this world. This is God’s doing so that the world might not confuse God’s immeasurable power within them to be their own doing. This should give us assurance to never despair when we go through difficult trials and tribulations. At Golgotha, Jesus brought good out of the inconceivable evil. He wants us to know that He shall bring good out of all evils we are experiencing presently.


As we strive to achieve success in our careers, businesses or as we work hard to build our families and legacies, we will experience challenges. As we obey Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples, we have assurance that we He will be with us. We can tap into his authority over all things – Matthew 28:18. May we be His instruments of peace and wholeness (shalom) to our generation. May we work in His vineyard and extend God’s kingdom of righteousness, of goodness, empathy, kindness, sharing, laughter, joy, and reconciliation.

Write down one way you can share God’s love to your brothers and sisters in Christ this week. Go out and do it.


Dear God, help me to live like more than a conqueror that I am in you. Amen.