Pastor Wanje reminded us that we cannot overflow with hope unless we have access to the power of the Holy Spirit. We should “…not get drunk with wine which leads to debauchery”; rather let us “…be filled with the Spirit….” (Eph 5:18). The Holy Spirit does not come to us in bits but indwells in our lives in the fullness of who He is; it is not a one-time event like baptism, but happens continuously and results in God getting more of us and being in total control of our lives.

Jesus calls all those that are thirsty to come and drink (John 7:37- 39) and rivers of living water (the Holy Spirit) will flow from within them. Without the filling of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing. Sinning and grieving the Holy Spirit are barriers to the filling of the Holy Spirit. Believers ought to cry to the Holy Spirit to remove these barriers so that the Holy Spirit falls on them again. However, the sin of blasphemy cannot be forgiven. (Matt 12;31; Mark 3:23-30).

At Pentecost, a mighty wind filled the house where believers were meeting and tongues of fire landed on each of them. Everyone present was filled with the Holy Spirit, enabling them to speak in other languages. Those who heard the noise were bewildered and perplexed to hear their language being spoken by the believers (Acts 2:1-12). Even today, the power of the Holy Spirit is available to all, and empowers believers to do much more for it is no longer them that live but Christ that lives in them (Galatians 2:19-21).


Are you filled by the Holy Spirit or are you just a wanderer who is not restored to God? Confess your sins, seek the filling of the Holy Spirit through prayer and be fully yielded to God.


Lord Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Forgive me for my sins and give me Your peace. May Your Holy Spirit fill me and help me walk in the hope of eternal life with You. Amen