Fenton was a hardworking employee and had kept rising up the ranks at his workplace. When one of his supervisors left abruptly, he was appointed in an acting role while a replacement was sourced. Fenton ended up filling in this supervisor’s shoes for over a year. Company policy was such that if someone held an acting position for a period of six months then the company would appoint this person to that position permanently or otherwise pay them the dues for the position held.

The company declined to offer either option to Fenton. He was very frustrated, but kept at his work. Soon after the start of the second year in this position, a new manager came in from the head office. In the course of familiarizing himself with his duties, colleagues and subordinates, he queried why Fenton had not been paid nor promoted to supervisor. The manager never got a straight answer for months.

Throughout this particular assignment, Fenton had kept his faith in God. He had a son in university and another starting soon. After being kept in limbo for a year he had decided that his second child would first start off in a vocational school while he figured out how else he could raise the funds to maintain two children in higher education.

When he got a notification that his account had been credited with a large sum of money, he was sure the company had made a gross error and was on his way to HR when the new manager called him into his office. The manager started by expressing deep gratitude for Fenton’s diligent work and informed him of his new role as supervisor. Also, the credit to Fenton’s account was all the back pay from the dues he should have been paid!

Incidentally, the new manager was posted back to the head office after only 6 months. Fenton was confident this was God’s doing. God had specifically attended to Fenton’s needs when man had let him down. Pastor Wanje told us that God is intentionally good at providing for us; He is the shepherd whose provision is sufficient for His sheep.


What situation in your life right now can you hand over to the good shepherd to address?

Read Psalm 23; John 10; Hebrews 13:20; I Peter 5:4.


Lord, help me remember that you will always be my Good Shepherd. May I trust that I can get through. Amen.