Our Vision.

The Assimilation Ministry of Ridgeways Baptist Church exists to facilitate the integration of new members, at Ridgeways Baptist Church (R.B.C.), into the fellowship, service and edification of the Church.

Our Objectives

  1. Enlist committed congregants into the membership.
  2. Lead/guide new members through the 8 week orientation process. Providing them with a membership-certificate at the end of the 8 weeks orientation.
  3. Ensure new members are assimilated into the existing Districts/cell groups of the Church.
  4. Ensure new members are enlisted into the various ministries of the Church and become active in ministry.
  5. Ensure new members are incorporated in to suitable Bible studies for further growth in their spiritual growth.
  6. Conduct the exit process for any member desiring to leave the membership of R.B.C.
  7. Organize new members’ fellowships for follow up.
  8. Plan visitations to new members’ homes to know them better and make them feel appreciated.