The Alpha, Omega and Now

"I am the resurrection and life" is among the various "I ams" that Jesus Christ declared (John 11:25). The context of this

The Alpha, Omega and Now2023-04-03T19:07:34+03:00

Protection for My Soul

Rev Wanje introduced another ‘I AM’ of Jesus; He is The Gate. He expounded on the protection, provision, and the plea from

Protection for My Soul2023-04-03T19:17:37+03:00

Jesus the Good Shepherd

Fenton was a hardworking employee and had kept rising up the ranks at his workplace. When one of his supervisors left abruptly,

Jesus the Good Shepherd2023-02-18T15:10:01+03:00

Does My Lifestyle Lift Jesus Up?

Speaking on the message, “LIFTING UP JESUS”, Bishop Mwalili said that Jesus was lifted up on the Cross through crucifixion where His

Does My Lifestyle Lift Jesus Up?2023-02-08T19:36:16+03:00

Joyful Christian Living

Pastor Fred Auma told us that joy is a state of the gladness of the heart, and that it is not externally

Joyful Christian Living2023-02-08T19:45:40+03:00

The Potter and The Clay

Paul beseeches us, believers, by the mercies of God, to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God (See Romans 12:1-2).

The Potter and The Clay2023-02-04T21:32:29+03:00

The Holy Spirit Comes First

This past Sunday, Pastor George Masha illustrated some of the functions of the Holy Spirit and His influence in our worship; His

The Holy Spirit Comes First2023-02-04T21:13:57+03:00

Filling of The Holy Spirit

Pastor Wanje reminded us that we cannot overflow with hope unless we have access to the power of the Holy Spirit. We

Filling of The Holy Spirit2023-02-03T11:39:31+03:00
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