Our Mission

To equip believers with Biblical Truth that results in wholesome, victorious Christian living and the multiplication of faithful servants in the home, church and marketplace.

Leadership Development and Internship

Equipping the Church’s Leadership for Faithful and Effective Service, while raising new laborers for God’s Kingdom.

Areas of Involvement:

We run quarterly trainings each year to empower the various servant-leaders at Ridgeways Baptist Church and hold ministry fairs twice a year encouraging more members to sign up as volunteers.

8 Months Internship Program
  1. 4 Quarterly Trainings a Year, for all the Church Leaders: Every 1st Saturday of the Quarter
  2. Ministry Fairs: March and October
  3. Eight Months Internship
  4. Leaders’ Handover Dinner every two years

Assimilation Ministry

Facilitating the integration of new members into the Community and Service of Ridgeways Baptist Church, through an 8-week program. (Read More)

Areas of Involvement:
  1. 2 Eight Week Membership Classes a Year: March-May and September-November
  2. 2 Outdoor Class Fellowships a Year and 2 Review Sessions a Year
  3. 2 Graduation Weekends a Year (May and November) and 2 Months Ministry Placement
  4. Leading Thursday Prayer Services Twice a Year

Discipleship Ministry & Curriculum Development

Our goal is to nurture the church’s believers through Biblical truth in order that they may be Christlike disciple-makers impacting their spheres of influence. The Discipleship Ministry mainly does

Areas of Involvement:

The Discipleship Ministry holds two major Bible Study Cycles every year from March to May, and September to November.

  1. Two Discipleship Seasons (February to May, and September to November): Witnessing twice a year, half day of prayer twice a year, steps to freedom twice day of prayer, and volunteer day twice a year.
  2. Special Bible Studies Season (June-July): Ombi, Parenting, Financial Freedom/Debt Free Living, Man Enough, and so much more.
  3. Family Altar Bible Studies in April and August
  4. Weekly Sermon Summaries and Study Questions
  5. Development of Discipleship and Training Curriculum
Weekly Digest:

A weekly summary of the Sunday Sermon along with reflection questions for personal study or group use.

Prison Discipleship Ministry

Nurturing Prison inmates through Biblical truth in order that they may be mature disciples who lead transformed lives in and after prison.

Areas of Involvement: Working closely with the Men’s Ministry the Education Board runs two 10-week Discipleship Cycles at Kiambu Prison-every year.

More Details:

  1. Two Discipleship Seasons (March to May, and September to November)
  2. Two Discipleship Launches a Year in conjunction with the Men’s Ministry (March and September)
  3. Two Graduations a Year in conjunction with the Men’s Ministry (June and November)

Altar Ministry

Connecting with those coming to the altar for purposes of prayer, follow-up and guidance. All in efforts to be a church that bears fruit that lasts.

Areas of Involvement: Volunteers of this ministry must submit themselves to an interviewing process and participate in the ministry’s trainings.

More Details

Key Scripture: Acts 15:36 Sometime later Paul said to Barnabas, “Let us go back and visit the believers in all the towns where we preached the word of the Lord and see how they are doing.”

  1. Two Major Trainings a Year (February and July)
  2. Quarterly one-hour Prayer Meetings (1st Thursday of Each Quarter)