In response to God’s call, we aim to be Christ-like, Godly leaders in our homes, church and the community.


To inspire men to GROW in their Faith, Family, Finance and Fellowship; to GIVE their time and talents for God’s work and to GO with God on mission.


A ministry of integrity and influence.


The Men Ministry exists to achieve three main objectives:

  1. To inspire men to GROW in Faith (spiritually), Family (socially), Financially (physically) and in Fellowship.
  2. To inspire men to GIVE their talents and time for God’s work
  3. To inspire men to GO with God on mission.


  1. Integrity,
  2. Excellence
  3. Care for one another


The Men Ministry will develop the activities required to implement in fulfillment of the objective of RBC Family Board, which is:

“To nurture and protect the family entity resulting in strong relationships that honour God.”

With regard to the family setting, the objective of the Men Ministry is to ensure that men fulfil their primary responsibilities within the family by providing leadership as:

  1. The Priest (Spiritual Leader)
  2. Provider (Financial & other forms of security)
  3. Protector (of the household in all matters including spiritual)
  4. Prophet (teach & live out the Word of God at home)

Six (6) Key Result Areas [KRAs] will guide the Men Ministry to be more focused on service delivery. The KRAs are structured along the Men Ministry Pillars, which are:

  • WORD: To ensure men grow in their faith through discipleship;
  • WORSHIP: To develop and encourage worship amongst men;
  • WITNESSING: To encourage men to be active in sharing their faith through outreach in the community and beyond;
  • WARFARE: To encourage men to be committed in prayer by developing a strong intercessory ministry and promote prayer amongst the men of the church;
  • WISDOM: To develop younger men to grow in life skills and wisdom. The ministry will develop a vibrant mentorship program targeting younger men;
  • WORK: To develop a united, committed and serving men team in the church.