Rooted Discipleship Pathway Classes

Connect Class

An 8 week study that focuses on the basics of spiritual growth, the Baptist Distinctives & the RBC DNA.

Serve Class

A 10 week study that focuses on the heart of service and how each one of us is equipped to serve in the local church, i.e. spiritual gifts, vocational skills and empowering others.

Missional Cell-Groups

A small group, made up of RBC congregants, from your residential area, with whom you fellowship over God’s Word and work together to shine the light of Christ in your community.

Freedom Studies

Grace Course

6 Sessions that will help you better understand God’s grace; positioning you to lead a fruitful life where you are free to be yourself and motivated by God’s Love alone.

Freedom in Christ Course

13 Sessions that will equip you to take hold off your identity in Christ, resolve personal and spiritual conflicts and help you move onto spiritual maturity.

Celebrate Recovery

(Coming Soon) Registration Kicks off in March and the Celebrate Recovery Services will begin in April, taking place every Wednesday evening.