Our Goal

To reach out to the lost and less privileged in the around us as we seek to bring then to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • Evangelizing the lost, through outreach efforts, spreading the gospel through the one-on-one method of evangelism, door-to-door, school, and community outreach efforts.
  • Reach out to the less privileged through the distribution of relief food, giving support to the orphans, widows, and the elderly, in society, through education, visitation, and feeding programs.
  • Engaging members of the ministry through training to enable the effectiveness of spreading the gospel.
  • Support mission pastors grow the church and congratulations in the mission and church plants across the country.
  • Have all our mission pastors and the leadership of the mission churches trained on Bible studies and other ministerial empowerment focus to ensure ministerial opportunities are engaged and effectively activated.
  • Engage and empower mission pastors to grow able leadership amongst the members of the congregation.
  • Seek opportunities to have church plants in the city of Nairobi.
  • Create opportunities to have at least one church plant in every major city of the 47 counties of this nation.
  • Step out with the intention of having the Ridgeways Baptist church in the African continent and the diaspora nations of the world.
  • Reaching out to change our world through the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Board Activities