Meet the Ridgeways Baptist Staff Team

Our Mission is to bring people to Christ, nurture and develop them to Christ-like maturity, and equip them for godly living and service in their homes, in the church and in the world.

Pst Elijah Wanje
Pst Elijah WanjeSenior Pastor
I serve as the Senior pastor of the Church. I give oversight over the Mission/ Vision of the Church and provide leadership to the Staff and Church leadership. My passion in life is to make a difference in people’s lives and for people to know and experience God. My big prayer for the Church is that the Church will continue to grow spiritually and numerically and build modern facilities for the youth and children that will have a recreation, restaurant and academy facilities.
Pst Fred Auma
Pst Fred AumaAssociate Pastor
I am the Associate Pastor at Ridgeways Baptist Church. I am also the Pastor in Charge of the Family Board which comprises of the following Ministries ( Men, Ladies, Senior Citizens, Marriage and Family Ministry, Singles ministries).
I am passionate about gathering knowledge through reading and studying different issues and disciplines. I am also passionate about teaching and passing knowledge with the goal of transforming society. I believe that the Word of God has the power to completely transform society. In ministry I am passionate about helping others grow to achieve their full potential in life and ministry. I love walking with believers to see them grow in their faith and also live in victory. Finally, I love the ministry of encouragement – being close to believers who are hurting to share with them the love of God.
Pst Daniel Ndungu
Pst Daniel NdunguPastor, Children's Ministry
I serve as the Pastor of Children’s Church Ministry. My passion in life is bringing people to Christ and especially pointing young children to Jesus. One thing that most people do not know about me is that I have a heart for the boy/girl child having observed mistakes that young men/ladies are making in life especially in relationships.
Pst George Masha
Pst George MashaPastor, Outreach Board
I serve in the Worship Board which comprises of the Worship Ministry, Choir, Safety and Security Ministry, Hospitality, Ushers, prayer, creative arts, media and the band. My greatest passion and desire is to see a world united in true worship, in spirit and in truth. My prayer is that by the time RBC reaches 30 years that we shall have a mega overflow of members and volunteers in all departments and ministries. Men and women who are drawn here to connect with the undiluted word of God and the miracles God performs here. More so that their hunger and thirst for God will be fulfilled.
Pst Eric Kanyungu
Pst Eric KanyunguPastor, Education Board
I serve as the Education Board Pastor at RBC. I oversee the discipleship, membership, leadership development and districts (Small groups) ministry. The goal of this board is to spearhead the “Nurture Component of the RBC Mission”. My greatest passion is to see God’s people thoroughly equipped to lead an abundant Christian life; intimacy with God and effective service in God’s kingdom.
My prayer is that R.B.C would be known all over the world as a mission sending church. Sending both vocational and non-vocational missionaries to places in this world that are largely unreached. However, that this sending effort would arise from a church culture where every member views themselves as an ambassador/missionary for Christ, impacting every sector of society. I also pray that we will have an on campus college.
Sheila Mwaniki
Sheila MwanikiPastor, Worship Board
I serve as the Church Administrator. One of my biggest prayers for the Church in the coming years is that we have a greater impact in the City of Nairobi as well as the whole World. One thing that most people do not know about me is that I love facilitating Bible Studies.
Marvin Esonga
Marvin EsongaYouth Pastor
I serve as the Youth Pastor of the Church. My motto in life is: Preach Jesus or go home! My passion in life is to be a lighthouse for my generation and beyond! My role is to shepherd and guide the Youth in the ways of Christ, empowering them for life and eternal impact with those they interact with at home, in school and in the work place, as they prepare for greater responsibilities. My biggest desire for the RBC community is that they’ll passionately grow to be a Gospel loving, Gospel centered and Gospel driven people in all they do.
Freshia Kimochu
Freshia KimochuChurch Administrative Secretary
I serve in the Media Ministry and Worship Ministry. Being the Church Administrative Secretary, I’m in charge of Once Management, Reception and general Church organization. My passion in life is to be more Christ like by the day and well being of all children in the world; as for ministry, I am eager to see souls come to Christ and lives transformed. My big prayer is to See the Church birth a School governed by Christian & Baptists’ values. To have us own a Church van.

Henry Amenya
Henry AmenyaCaretaker
I serve as the RBC Caretaker, Im in charge of the entire compound and church facilities. I love serving people, making sure they are comfortable. I love witnessing, preaching and telling others about the Lord. My big prayer for this church is to have RBC packed to full capacity with like 3 services each Sunday.
Kennedy Mwangi
Kennedy MwangiAssistant Caretaker
I serve as the Assistant Caretaker. My Passion in life is Learning new things and being Creative in all areas as well as understanding God’s will and obedience. My big prayer for the RBC community is to have a sign language interpreter so that even those who don’t hear or speak can be reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ either in the Church or even crusades.