Christ the Fountain of Abundant Hope

Jeremiah vividly portrays the nearly total apostasy, wickedness, and backsliding of God's chosen people. God led them through the wilderness, protecting and

Christ the Fountain of Abundant Hope2022-09-18T15:33:40+03:00

Keep an Active Prayer Life

Peninnah would ridicule and torment Hannah year after year, but Hannah never fought back (1 Samuel 1). Despite her challenges, Hannah did

Keep an Active Prayer Life2022-09-15T16:32:18+03:00

Hope Built on Rock

Ridgeways Baptist Church is built on a solid foundation! Literally! It has more than 80 concrete pillars driven into the ground, all

Hope Built on Rock2022-08-27T15:28:12+03:00

Hope’s Abundance

One day I decided to give up: I quit my job, my relationship, and my life. I went into the woods to

Hope’s Abundance2022-08-20T18:42:12+03:00

A God Who Sees Me

James Kabucho drew from Hagar's life reflecting on a God who searches for us, empowers us to return, establishes and sustains us

A God Who Sees Me2022-07-31T18:02:22+03:00
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