The Alpha, Omega and Now

"I am the resurrection and life" is among the various "I ams" that Jesus Christ declared (John 11:25). The context of this

The Alpha, Omega and Now2023-04-03T19:07:34+03:00

Joyful Christian Living

Pastor Fred Auma told us that joy is a state of the gladness of the heart, and that it is not externally

Joyful Christian Living2023-02-08T19:45:40+03:00

Come, God Will Forgive You

Believers are to have hope in every situation. The foundation of this hope is Jesus Christ in whom we have assurance, authority, and

Come, God Will Forgive You2022-10-02T17:10:35+03:00

Keep an Active Prayer Life

Peninnah would ridicule and torment Hannah year after year, but Hannah never fought back (1 Samuel 1). Despite her challenges, Hannah did

Keep an Active Prayer Life2022-09-15T16:32:18+03:00

Hope’s Abundance

One day I decided to give up: I quit my job, my relationship, and my life. I went into the woods to

Hope’s Abundance2022-08-20T18:42:12+03:00

The Power of the Cross

The crux of the Christian message is the cross. Without it, the Christian message loses its focal point and centrality. Drawing from

The Power of the Cross2022-08-05T11:06:42+03:00

Give God Your Battles

The Israelites had been suppressed by the Philistines for a long time and had become desperate (1 Samuel 17:1-11,16). Pastor Eric reminded

Give God Your Battles2022-07-31T18:01:39+03:00
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