Keep an Active Prayer Life

Peninnah would ridicule and torment Hannah year after year, but Hannah never fought back (1 Samuel 1). Despite her challenges, Hannah did

Keep an Active Prayer Life2022-09-15T16:32:18+03:00

The Responsibility in Leadership

Jethro, the father-in-law to Moses, was delighted on hearing how the Lord had rescued the Israelites from Egypt and helped them cross

The Responsibility in Leadership2022-08-14T15:39:41+03:00

A God Who Sees Me

James Kabucho drew from Hagar's life reflecting on a God who searches for us, empowers us to return, establishes and sustains us

A God Who Sees Me2022-07-31T18:02:22+03:00

God’s Favour is UNSTOPPABLE

We have received God's favour despite the difficult year we have had, Pastor Dan reminded us. We have our lives, health, protection

God’s Favour is UNSTOPPABLE2022-07-01T14:48:38+03:00
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