Not by Force nor by Strength

Believers experience abundance and overflow in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. However, for some believers, misconceptions about the Holy

Not by Force nor by Strength2023-02-03T10:58:49+03:00

Giving That Reflects My Love

What goes through your mind when someone asks you to give? When a colleague in the office has lost a loved one,

Giving That Reflects My Love2022-10-10T20:17:23+03:00

Come, God Will Forgive You

Believers are to have hope in every situation. The foundation of this hope is Jesus Christ in whom we have assurance, authority, and

Come, God Will Forgive You2022-10-02T17:10:35+03:00

Christ the Fountain of Abundant Hope

Jeremiah vividly portrays the nearly total apostasy, wickedness, and backsliding of God's chosen people. God led them through the wilderness, protecting and

Christ the Fountain of Abundant Hope2022-09-18T15:33:40+03:00

Hope Built on Rock

Ridgeways Baptist Church is built on a solid foundation! Literally! It has more than 80 concrete pillars driven into the ground, all

Hope Built on Rock2022-08-27T15:28:12+03:00

Hope’s Abundance

One day I decided to give up: I quit my job, my relationship, and my life. I went into the woods to

Hope’s Abundance2022-08-20T18:42:12+03:00

The Responsibility in Leadership

Jethro, the father-in-law to Moses, was delighted on hearing how the Lord had rescued the Israelites from Egypt and helped them cross

The Responsibility in Leadership2022-08-14T15:39:41+03:00

The Power of the Cross

The crux of the Christian message is the cross. Without it, the Christian message loses its focal point and centrality. Drawing from

The Power of the Cross2022-08-05T11:06:42+03:00
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